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Happy Mother's Day!

As Mother’s Day fast approaches we know that it might look very different for both foodservice venues and families around Australia this year. Traditionally a lot of people have celebrated mum by taking her to her favourite restaurant, a family favourite venue, or a special occasion restaurant to thank her for all her love, hard work and dedication throughout the year.
We caught up with Amanda Fuller, a mum of three and Group Executive Chef SPHG (Sam Prince Hospitalty Group) to discuss Mother’s Day and how her experience of Mother’s Day has changed over the years.

“I have special memories of celebrating Mother’s Day with my extended family, celebrating my mum, my grandmother, my great grandmother and my aunties. We used to go to Warragamba Dam picnic area and everyone brought some dishes and it was all shared. I also have memories of buying my mum pink carnations, traditional Mother’s Day flowers along with some craft I had made at school. 

We never celebrated Mother's day when I was a child in restaurants, if we were not on a picnic with extended family it was always celebrated at home with roast dinner ( 99% of the time it was Pork) the apple sauce was always my favourite to dip the crackling in after fighting my dad for the lion’s share of it.
Before I became a Mother, Mother’s Day was one of the busiest days of the year, everywhere I have worked everyone was rostered on. It was always a long working weekend, with an early finish on the Sunday evening. Menus needed to be created and the planning was always done in advance to make it easier for the guests to know what they would have and make it easier for us for prep and to get the meals out swiftly. We always knew prior that we would be booked out and every sitting would be full, orders needed to be well considered so there was plenty of food to get through the weekend, that was typically very busy. Not only busy on the Sunday but the Saturday too. 

My whole career, from my apprenticeship onwards I do not recall having a Mother’s Day to spend with my own. It was never something to be sad about though it was just the way it was.
The Indu Dining Team
Becoming a mum totally changed everything for me, I stopped working on Mother’s Day and I was taken out to lunch to my favourite restaurant with my own family. The day is a lot more relaxing.

My career changed, I started working less evenings initially, then when my second child was born I started working 4 days a week to have an extra day to enjoy my children and their activities.

There have been very few mums that I have worked with along the way during my Chef career. I am often the only Mum in the kitchen and one in only a handful of mums across the companies I have been involved in. Fortunately for me though, I have always been involved in very supportive environments and having children has never been an issue, and flexibility has always been favourable with the businesses I have been involved in.

It’s important to have a good balance, it swings both ways. I have been really lucky to align myself with great employers. Sam Prince Hospitality Group are totally amazing. I never use my children as an excuse. I always give 200% at work to compensate for times if I do need to leave work a little early to be somewhere for the children or start a little later. I think mums in general are more efficient as we need to be! getting 10 hours worth of work done in 6! I have 3 children now! I have to pinch myself. Blessed. Ruby 6, Isla 4 and Flynn is 3 months old.
INDU for Mother's Day- Call 02 9230 0119
Family Members booking Mum in for a Mother's Day treat at a restaurant they may have enjoyed prior, helps introduce Mum and other family members to share cuisines they may not have had before. 

Particularly at our restaurant Indu, we have a lot of guests introduce family members and friends to us who may not have otherwise come."

Call Indu Dining directly on 02 9230 0119 to place your order, online ordering has now closed. 

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